Review of the Spirooli Spiral Slicer

Spirooli Weak at Slicing, But Good at Other Tasks

The Spirooli is really a tiny, counter energy that cuts, shreds and chips (think: curly chips) greens, fruits, or any other food that may be attached with the hand-turned supply and run-through certainly one of three interchangeable blades. When we set it-up inside our examination home

We were extremely skeptical of the Spirooli. The all-plastic (with all the exclusion of the blades) looked just a little slight, and we weren't sure the surges on which the foodstuff things are attached could resist harder greens.

What we identified was surprising, but equally in positive and negative ways.

We first got a producing fluorescent chips to an attempt. We went onto the surges easily, and it linked fifty per cent of a spud for the supply and held firmly set up. We forced the contrary end-of the spud against the knife, and commenced converting.

The aspects of the Spirooli labored fantastic. The spud commenced evaporating through the knife, with curled strings developing one other part.

We were impressed. It worked better-than we considered it would. Alas, we subsequently got a deeper go through the spud waves and realized that what we'd wasn't curly fries but hash-browns. The knife basically cut the spud also thinly. Nonetheless, the effect was ideal for making hash-browns... Not what we'd been generated feel is the result.

Then we attempted shredding a carrot. Cleaning of this vegetable peeler was a breeze - the machine glides aside and may be run immediately under a tap. Transitioning out knives was likewise simple.

We commenced shredding and linked a carrot. This can be once we identified that the greater the food is that's going right through the knife, the better the email address details are. We could eliminate the carrot, and truly with fantastic benefits (shredded labored best-in our tests). But the tiny surface of the carrot going right through the knife expected plenty of energy to have the specified results.

Next, we attempted cutting cucumber with this product. Again, transforming and cleaning the knife were as uncomplicated as may be.

The functionality of the Spirooli basically didn't benefit us. The producing cucumber 'slices' were paper-thin, and, in fact, weren't slices at all - the cucumber that emerged through another part of the cut knife was merely a spiral slice, nonetheless all without trouble.

We used the guidelines to view if we were doing something very wrong, and found that to acquire one cuts out of the Spirooli, the (in cases like this) cucumber had a need to possess a notch cut-down certainly one of its sides.

Thinking happened to us: If we've to use a knife anyhow, why don't you just use the knife to cut slices? It was as much as it'd have already been merely to slice the conventional approach to cuts or even more trouble to utilize the Spirooli on the cucumber.

The Spirooli has the right points, specially inside the cleaning office, its ease-of-use in transitioning knives, and in shredding.

But cutting with all the Spirooli is really a waste of time, and the foods it could efficiently shred and chip are somewhat limited.

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